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  • Strikes

    Can you close a door? Can you throw a ball? Then you can strike an attacker with eye-watering effectiveness with just a short amount of training. No need for months of studying, this course will show you where the best, most sensitive areas are for you to strike!

  • Takedowns

    Learn how to slam an attacker to the floor using one hand and a simple strike! Check out the course below to find out how!

  • Grab Defences

    Many assaults can be low level and not need a powerful strike to the face. Sometimes just escaping from a grab can be enough - Learn the weak points of the body to cause maximum pain. Grabbed around the throat? A simple shoulder roll can release that!

Course curriculum

Check out our 2 part self defence video series

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    • Ladies Self Defence Vol 1 Pt.1
    • Ladies Self Defence Vol 1 Pt.2

Get started right now with these simple to learn, striaghtforward methods to protect yourself on a night out or on your travels...

Ladies Self-Defence Vol. 1

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