Why Carry A Shemagh?

  • Lightweight

    The Shemagh packs down to fit in a pocket. Weighing virtually nothing, it's an item that never needs to be left at home

  • Easy To Use

    Either as head protection or a self defence tool, it's quick and easy to learn to use the Shemagh

  • Multiple Uses

    Head wrap, neck protector, pillow, blanket... Now a self-protection tool

Course curriculum

Shemagh Self-Protection For Adventurers & Travellers

  • 1
    Let's get started!
    • Chapter 1. Introduction to the Shemagh
    • Chapter 2. Shemagh Throw
    • Chapter 3. Basic Blocking
    • Chapter 4. Shemagh Basic Strike
    • Chapter 5. Shemagh Basic Smother
    • Chapter 6. Shemagh Face Jar
    • Chapter 7. Shemagh Basic Trapping
    • Chapter 8. Shemagh Head Trap
    • Chapter 9. Shemagh Combinations
    • Chapter 10. Shemagh Knife Defence
    • Chapter 11. Shemagh Pistol Disarm Pt.1
    • Chapter 12. Shemagh Pistol Disarm Pt.2

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